Paintings and Sculptures > Dirt Paintings

Sephiroth Kabbalah Tree of Life
Acrylic, oil, asphalt, dirt, rocks, and grass on board.
48"-54" x 48"
The Order of the Angels
Acrylic, rocks, dirt, grass, marker, oil and asphalt on board
48" x 48"
Dirt, grass, plywood, acrylic, oil, asphalt and polyurethane on board
30" X 46"
Erra Epos XII
Dirt, sand, acrylic, asphalt, and polyurethane on board
48" x 48"
Erra Epos XI
Acrylic, asphalt, rocks, dirt and polyurethane on board
30" x 72"
Adamic Earth
Acrylic, asphalt, dirt, concrete and asphalt on board.
18" x 32"
The Knowing
Dirt, wood, sand, pond stones, asphalt and polyurethane on wooden door
80" x 34"
Erra Epos IX
Dirt, rocks, broken plaster, concrete, acrylic, asphalt, and polyurethane on board
48" x 48"
Dirt, rocks, grass, acrylic and asphalt on board
30" x 48"
Dirt, tile, asphalt, acrylic and polyurethane on board
24" x 60"
Sea Scape II
Dirt, sand, acrylic, plants, and polyurethane on board
24" x 38"
Erra Epos VI
Acrylic, asphalt, dirt and polyurethane on board
15" x 24"
Number I
Acrylic, asphalt, dirt and lead on board
48" x 80"
Number II
Acrylic, asphalt, polyurethane, dirt and vines on board
48" x 72"
Number III
Acrylic, asphalt, and tile on board
48 x 80"

My paintings delve into the fields of alchemy, hermeticism, alternative science, history and archeology. These sciences and practices give us a much different view of humanity. When the modern mainstream sciences characterize today’s society as the pinnacle of evolution and leaves it stranded in the vast unexplored ocean of emptiness with no connections to nature, and gives descriptions of ancient man as a primitive, fiddling around with basic stone and copper tools, alternative views empower us by giving us an understanding of the achievements of ancient cultures in a different light. It sees man as connected to the universe. It unifies creation and evolution into one coherent whole. In effect, it sees man as being the universe in which the illusion of life is played out. The ancients understood this and their wisdom for the most part surpasses our own. They have left us many works which we are now just beginning to understand, and many more we have yet to find. As such, modern science and history undergoes constant revision.

Many of my new paintings are a direct result of my studies in these fields. The Kabbalah and sacred geometry are new elements that I am exploring at the moment to give my work a new dimension. Painting, as a process, exists to expand human consciousness the way that alchemy does, and alchemists were known as artists as well. This notion figures heavily in my studies and hence in my work.

The work is also an exploration of material and texture, color, or lack thereof. I explore the relationship between light and dark, the material and the immaterial, the tangible and the purely theoretical. It is a study of ancient culture and thought and it’s influence on today’s civilization. These effects are very subtle but find their way into our culture through books and personalities, sometimes overlooked, sometimes celebrated and then forgotten to be rediscovered much later. I want this to show through my work.